D-W-W owner Derek Watt is a leading industry professional with almost 30 years of experience in demolition and asbestos removal.

A member of the Institute of Demolition Engineers, Derek has expertise across a wide range of specialist skills and in managing national, regional or local projects.

His company, D-W-W Contracting Services, is able to deliver a fast, cost-efficient solution to clients' needs in the fields of demolition and reclamation, using highly skilled bespoke teams to suit specific projects.

Experienced in dealing with local authorities, businesses, landowners and landlords, Derek can meet clients' needs, from demolition to reclamation; from asbestos removal to asset recovery.

Operating nationwide, he has handled many major schemes over the years, including: high-rise explosive demolition, high-rise floor-by-floor deconstruction, industrial dismantling, housing stock clearance, asbestos removal, internal structural alterations and internal city-centre refurbishment works.

Derek is familiar with all aspects of demolition work, including plant operation, site supervision and contracts management - and D-W-W's service reflects that wealth of experience.

That experience includes several years as contract manager / project

director for a national company, overseeing

UK-wide asbestos

removal and

demolition work.

DWW can be

relied upon to

deliver a


expert service,

on time, on cost.



DWW Contracting Services founder and owner Derek Watt

THE danger of asbestos is well known, and its removal is recognised as a task suitable only for the most highly trained specialists.

D-W-W are among those companies in the UK recognised as specialists in the field.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) oversees this important area, while the Asbestos Licensing Unit (ALU) is responsible for ensuring licences are issued only to the most highly trained and therefore competent contractors.

D-W-W is one of those companies nationwide to have a licence approved by the ALU, to handle and remove asbestos.

This means our clients can rest assured when they employ us to deal with asbestos issues.

Asbestos is classified as a Category 1 carcinogen, with asbestos-related disease causing around 5,000 deaths every year in the UK.

Work with asbestos requires a high degree of regulatory control, and the purpose of licensing is to achieve this.

Companies licensed by the ALU can be trusted to handle your asbestos needs professionally and safely, and such teams are in constant demand.

Between 1950 and 1990 most buildings in the UK included asbestos, which now requires specialist handling to deal with the specific hazards and risk or public concern its presence creates.

AT D-W-W we can quickly and expertly remove all forms of  asbestos from a site (roof sheets, floors, tiles, cladding  etc) as well as dealing with all large-scale 'notifiable' asbestos removal work.

Corrugated asbestos sheets being safely removed and disposed of.